Asset Management System

Consolidate storage onto a simple, searchable SaaS platform

Put your digital assets to work

The Asset Management System enables a single view into your long term archives, live content distribution and internal project collaborations. Transform the way you work by keeping your digital resources all in one centralized and scalable location so you can access what you need, when you need it from wherever you are.

Secure and Reliable

Built from the ground up with data integrity, privacy and reliability as core tenets, your files are stored safely on a globally distributed SaaS platform.

One Stop Shop

Intuitively search for your assets and eliminate the mystery and confusion of managing large, disconnected file structures and data silos.

Photos, Videos, Audio, Documents Secure by design Managed SaaS Platform Amazing Support

You can have it your way

Every implementation of the AMS is unique and our software and hardware engineers build each of the Drawbridge Digital AMS systems to spec. It's your system and workflow, tailored to how you want it.

Contribute and Share

Easily upload resources into the AMS via a simple drag and drop web uploader, a dedicated FTP/SFTP ingest server or an extensible API for bespoke upload flows.

Distribute your resources through email and branded URL sharing. Custom private and public portals enable standing access to groups of resources for your corporate partners and clients.

What you need

Quickly locate resources within your AMS using your custom configured keyword and metadata based search. 

AI powered image recognition automatically tags resources with label, object and location metadata.

Multi format video transcoding and custom image download sizes based on your operational needs.

Drag and Drop Web Upload ReSTful API Metadata Search AI Image Recognition

Work smarter

With the Drawbridge Digital Asset Management System, alleviate the burdens of storage device maintenance, remove the problems of user isolated file trees and stop shipping physical media around the office or around the world.


Organize resources into private user level collections for individual projects or external distribution.

Instantly convert a private collection into a shared workspace by inviting other users to collaborate.

Access Control

Use granular roles and permissions to control who has access to your resources and what they can do with them.

While still sharing the single storage pool of the AMS, give your teams separate aesthetics and access privileges or fully isolate resources and simply share costs.

Collaborative Workspace AD/LDAP Integration Custom Permission Structure Multi Tenancy

Store Safely

The Drawbridge Digital Asset Management System is purpose built to support the most demanding security requirements. Store and access your resources confidently with 100% US based storage hosted in state of the art data centers.

Data Protection

Customer data is always stored in a highly redundant manner.  Cutting edge ZFS file storage ensures protection from bit rot and data corruption while geo-replication protects from natural disasters.

Continuous snapshotting of file, object and database layers enables quick point in time roll backs to protect your organization's content.

Comprehensive monitoring, analytics and access controls provide a secure environment to manage even the most sensitive of assets.  


Expedite migration and ingest into the AMS with fully managed onboarding support.

Development and support are managed entirely by the Drawbridge Digital staff without any requirement for IT support or hardware installation by the customer.

24/7 email support is always included and always handled directly by the engineering team. Enhanced support SLAs available. 

Asset Management System Plans

"One-man Bands" and Studios
  • 10TB Storage
  • 10 Users Accounts
  • Custom Branding and URL
  • Free hard drive or NAS migration
Big and Small
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Custom Branding and URL
  • Free hard drive or NAS migration
  • Managed onboarding
  • Custom metadata setup
  • Full length HD Video streaming
  • Pay as you go or Tiered Storage Pricing
Demanding Solutions
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Custom Branding, URL and Certificates
  • Free hard drive or NAS migration
  • Managed onboarding
  • Custom metadata setup
  • Full length HD Video streaming
  • Multi output Video Transcoding
  • Automated Workflows
  • Enhanced Support SLA
  • Tiered Storage Pricing