Ingest Automation

Increase performance and minimize errors with AI powered automated ingest flows.

Inbound Asset Stream

Streamline delivery of digital media and creative content with standard, unified delivery endpoint for your entire organization. Automate file naming, rights management, keywording and archival storage within a single flow.

Key Features

Direct From Creators

Easily receive new content directly from creators and contributors via industry standard mechanisms such as FTP/SFTP, HTTP/S and S3 compatible APIs without providing direct access to backend storage or DAM systems.

Storage Integration

Efficiently plumb ingested assets into stable backend storage such as the Drawbridge Digital AMS, commercial cloud platforms or S3 compatible object storage buckets. Delivery -> Archive and Distribution in one step.

Metadata Enrichment

Automatically apply content relevant metadata tags to content during ingest. Machine Learning powered image and video recognition adds powerful metadata layers and organization automatically and without human labor.

Audit and Verify

Ensure asset delivery status and completion with comprehensive monitoring and alerting.

Bespoke Flows, Built For Your Business

Get in touch and talk to one of our engineers about custom, automated, digital media ingest pipelines.